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Natural Remedies for Allergies

Even though it is still quite chilly outside, allergy season has started for some and it’s definitely just around the corner for many.  Here a few tips to help naturally treat allergies and perhaps provide a little bit of prevention.
1.  Priobiotics: Probiotics can be part of your prevention plan when it comes to seasonal allergies.  They provide healthy bacteria for our digestive systems, which we all can use, as well as support for our immune system and potentially correct the root cause of the allergies.  If you’ve taken any antibiotics over the winter, be sure to increase your dose.  Speak to your Natural Health Care provider about what is appropriate for you.

2.  Vitamin C:  Increasing your vitamin C through diet is excellent, however taking a daily supplement can help offset the effects of seasonal allergies as Vitamin C can help prevent the formation of histamine.

3.  Drink Rooibos Tea:  Rooibos is a naturally caffeine free herb (red bush) native to South Africa.  It is known for it’s high mineral content and natural anti-inflammatory properties. Excellent for children, expecting and nursing women.

4.  Mindful Eating Habits:  What we mean by this is pay attention to your diet.  Diets high in wheat, refined sugars, excess amounts of meat and dairy will cause addtional inflammation in the body, as well as stress on the digestive system.  This results in the body reacting to the ingredients in the diet as well as exacerbating allergy symptoms.

These are just a few simple steps that can be taken to help reduce seasonal allergy symptoms.  If you do suffer at all, we definitely recommend working with a Naturothic Doctor or Holistic Nutritionist to help you identify if there any lifestyle and/or diet changes that can be made

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