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Daylight Savings Time & Sleep

Now that we have turned the clocks forward that means the days are going to be even longer!  That is exciting.  For some reason it feels like we have a little bit more of a life when it’s still daylight when getting home at the end of the day.  It’s also better for our health.  We start to come out from hibernating all winter – especially this winter! We feel a little more inclined to perhaps make plans in the evenings, be more social, get out for walks or go to a yoga class instead of coming home and putting on our pajamas at 6:30 pm!  But with the moving of the clock forward that means we lose an hour sleep.  Believe it or not, this can actually have a big impact on our health and takes a few days to adjust to.

Good quality sleep is critical to our overall well-being.  Unfortunatley we live in a day and age where too many of us are sleep deprived as a result of not getting enough or not being able to sleep well.  Below are a few tips that can help you sleep better as well as aid in the transition of losing that 1 hour this past weekend.

Go to bed earlier:
For the next week make a point of getting to bed 1 hour earlier.  Even if you don’t feel like it your body and mind will thank you for it.  Allow yourself to crawl into bed at 10pm instead of 11pm, turn the TV off and just relax with a book for a few minutes.  Next thing you know you will probably find that you are wanting to doze off.  Give into it!Take some things off the To Do list:
The reality is that the To Do list is always going to be there.  Make a point of just focusing on the critical 3 things each day that need to get done.  The rest can wait.  We have an awful habit in today’s busy lifestyle of going, going and going until we drop.  For 1 week  take your evenings to relax, be with family and unwind so that you can go to bed an hour earlier and wake-up feeling refreshed.  Don’t worry about what did not get done on the To Do list.  It will be there tomorrow.Limit Caffeine and Sugar:
We’re not saying don’t have any (although keeping it to a minimum at all times is better for your health) but be really cognizant of the hidden sources of caffeine and sugar.  Especially after 2-3PM in the day.  This can really effect how you feel in the evenings and whether you can fall asleep easily.  It also effects how you feel when you wake-up.  Too much caffeine and sugar can literally cause you to have a hungover feeling or dragging your feet feeling when waking up in the morning.

Love and Laugh:
Spend time with loved ones and laughing!  This produces the feel good hormones which results in stress levels decreasing and leaving you feeling happy when drifting off to sleep!

Sweet Dreams!

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