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Tea Tree Oil

Essential oils have been used for centuries for healing and medicinal purposes. At Alma, we now offer as part of the Alma Naturals line of products Organic Tea Tree Oil, which we use in the spa and our services.

Tea Tree Oil originates from the leaves of the indigenous Malaleuca Tree, is known to be antimicrobial and has many uses. Below are just a few everyday uses and why we feel that it is a must-have in everyone’s “natural medicine” cabinet.

Tea Tree Oil can be used topically for arthritis pain or bruising by adding approximately 15-20 drops to a carrier oil, such as grapeseed, sweet almond or jojoba oil and massaging it into the affected area.

Apply Tea Tree Oil directly to minor cuts, blemishes, canker sores, cold sores and ingrown hairs to prevent infections and speed up the healing process.

Tea Tree Oil is also excellent for household cleaning. Not only does it act as a lovely air freshener, it can help prevent the spread of germs by adding the oil to a spray bottle of water or adding a small amount to your laundry for towels, blankets and other household items that can be prone to musty odors and mold.

The list of the amazing uses and benefits of Tea Tree Oil is almost endless and is definitely an essential oil that we recommend become a household staple. Alma Naturals Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil is now available in 10ml bottles in the spa for only $9.99.

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