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Why Meditate?

Long gone is the erroneous perception that meditation is a mindful waste of time, frequently undertaken by Hippies and religious fanatics.

If that perception is not gone, then it really ought to have disappeared, because Science has determined bona fide benefits of meditation and meditational breathing techniques. Meditation can be practically done by anyone and in very secular circumstances.

Anyone who seeks to decrease anxiety, increase concentration, perhaps even to achieve some measure of healing from a past traumatic event may want to begin practicing meditation. There are a slew of health benefits to be gained from taking a portion of time to focus all one’s mental energy in one place. Perhaps the most daunting part of undertaking meditation is sticking to it. Living in this web2.0 society renders most of us expecting instant results. To feel the benefits of meditation, regularity in practice is key. The human mind is attuned to repetition as being the primary way it seeks comfort – with that which it is familiar.

Brain scientist Richard Davidson has found compelling evidence (as shown with MRI scans of Afghanistan war veterans) that regular breathing and meditation can effectively reduce sleeplessness, general anxiety, create a more optimistic mindset, ameliorate a previously dreary disposition and even alleviate the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Dr.Davidson and his contemporaries have deduced that it is possible to “rewire the brain through meditation”

Calm on down, sit yourself comfortably, focus the mind and breath yourself into your optimum.

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