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Beauty and healthOur Ingredients, Our Mission Part 1

Our Ingredients, Our Mission Part 1

At Alma we don’t just aim to get customers in and out the door, we make it our personal mission to give our customers the best possible spa experience. To us that means holding ourselves to a certain standard and always sticking to a few core values which have carved out a unique niche for us in the market of thousands of spas and salons in Toronto.
So ‘What are These Core Values?’ you may ask
Sanitation – At Alma we use every precaution to ensure that all our equipment is completely sanitary. Your safety is our top priority; that means no cutting corners!

Quick Service – The name Alma Natural Quick Spa isn’t for nothing. We want to provide excellent spa services for women (and men!) on the go.

Atmosphere – This one’s easy; we want you to feel comfortable and relaxed if not when you come in, then when you leave. We’re confident that our charming estheticians and laid back atmosphere, music and tea included, will have you feeling fabulous in no time.

Social Ethics and The team – We want a happy team, because a happy team means happy customers. And that extends to the team that makes our natural products possible. We ensure that all our products come from companies that practice ethical treatment of their workers.

And last but certainly not least our business aims to inspire natural beauty inside and out. The key word there being ‘natural’. All the products we use at Alma are made from natural, non-toxic and environmentally friendly substances.

All this to simply say that our ingredients, among other things, are important to us and for you. We believe that something that sits on your skin or nails should come from the Earth wherever possible, that you shouldn’t have to worry about getting rid of chemicals after a “purifying” spa treatment. We believe the ingredients should not only be natural but effective as well so we hand-pick natural ingredients to provide as much benefit as possible.  That’s why the next several blog  posts will be about our ingredients; we want you to know about what we’re slathering on your hands and feet and why!

Dead Sea Salt – Used in our Ultimate Relaxation Treatment and Pedicures
The Dead Sea contains a much higher concentration of minerals that any other body of water which gives it amazing healing properties. The combination of bromides, iodine, magnesium, sodium, calcium and potassium may help to cleanse and detoxify the body while having a good balance of salts (sodium and potassium) promotes healthy production of naturally occurring chemicals in the body and regular cellular functions.
The course texture of Dead Sea Salt also provides excellent exfoliating benefits that make it great in natural skin scrubs.
Try out this recipe using dead sea salt to leave your skin silky and smooth!
We love this scrub because it has many benefits – the dead sea salt is used for exfoliation and detoxification, the oils and aloe are very hydrating!  Give it a try at home:

Mix together:
• 1 Cup Dead sea salt
• 1/8 cup Aloe vera gel
• 1/4 cup Plant oil of your choice – we love jojoba but olive oil or almond oil are great too
• Essential oils of your choice

Adjust oil amount as needed to create the consistency you prefer for the scrub.

Directions for Use:
In the bath or shower, plug the drain.  Apply the scrub to your body with your hands or wash cloth using circular motions.  Allow the scrub to wash into the bath  creating a dead sea salt soak in the water.  Relax and enjoy the soak for 20 minutes to
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