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What Does Alma Mean to You?

We’re in the final planning stages for our grand opening celebration! You’ll receive an email in early January with all of the details. In preparation though we’d love your input! Tell us:

What does Alma mean to you?
Alma got its name from the Spanish word for “soul”. We love soul because it evokes different thoughts and understandings for everyone (have you noticed our “soul” quotes throughout the spa?). Several of our customers have offered us their take on the word soul and it inspired us to ask the question – What does Alma mean to you? In preparation for our grand opening celebration in January, tell us what soul or alma means to you. Email us or stop in to the store to tell us what it means to you & you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a $50 Alma gift card!

What: Tell us what Alma means to you.
When: Respond by January 21st!
Why: We’d love to know, AND you’ll be entered to win a $50 Alma gift card!
How: By email to, here as a comment on our blog, or stop in the store!

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