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November Tea of the Month

Our November tea of the month, Cinnamon Plum Fruit, is one of the many delicious seasonal favourites that Steeped and Infused offers. It is a nutrient and vitamin rich blend of hibiscus blossoms, apple bits, rose hip peels, raisins, South African Rooibos, pieces of sweet plum and cinnamon that create a full-bodied, fruity, deep red infusion. A cup of this will leave you feeling calm and relaxed. Enjoy by yourself with a good book or share a pot with a dear friend. Cinnamon Plum Fruit also makes an excellent mulling spice for tea, wine or cider. It offers an additional sweetness than original mulling spices. Great for entertaining! Naturally caffeine free and suitable for chidren.

Available in 75 Grams for only $10.49! Only available until November 30th.

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