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A Confession

My Amazing Natural Deoderant Discovery!!

So here goes… As much as I support and encourage the use of natural personal care products, the one product I have never been able to switch to a natural option for is deodorant. I’ve tried what feels like hundreds of alternatives to aluminum-based antiperspirant and have even made my own. But NOTHING really works. I sweat too much and I smell a few hours into the day. It has been a struggle for me because I feel like I’ve found an alternative for basically every other product but not deodorant/antiperspirant which could be extremely toxic – and BO is a touchy subject in our world. I wondered if that made me inauthentic in my push for for non-toxic personal care products, and have continued to try everything I could find. It’s been an internal battle for me.

I’m so happy to announce that I’ve found a product that really works for me (and everyone I’ve given it to to try). All day! And is completely natural and made here in Toronto. It contains baking soda, cornstarch, glycerin, and essential oils. That’s it! It is truly an amazing find. I’m buying it for all of my friends for the holidays (sorry to ruin the surprise everyone!) It’s called Purely Great and is available now at Alma in 4 different options – Women’s Citrus or Lavender, Men’s Citrus, and Teen Lavender for $12.99. Stop in today and try it out. It’s already flying off of our shelves because it really truly works!

I know you will love it!

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