Past Events

"Boost Your Metabolism" Speaker Series - November 30th

Katrina Bertol, RHN, ROHP & Johnson & Johnson's corporate wellness specialist talked to the group about ways to boost your metabolism & some key things to be aware of to avoid weight gain during the holidays.

Some of the great things we learned are below.
  • Strength training is most important for boosting metabolism for the long run.
  • Everyone should target 150 minutes of exercise each week, which actually sounds attainable!
  • Before heading to a party, doing 5 minutes of interval workout will boost your body into calorie burning mode allowing the calories you consume to be burned more regularaly.

  • If you must drink coffee, target no more than 1 - 8oz cup per day.
  • When heading to a party, try to avoid appetizers or stick to the veggies or shrimp. Try to alternate each drink with a glass of sparkling water. Even though wine has anti-oxidants, it is high in sugar!
  • Teas are great to help with various health needs - high catechin antioxidants in green tea help to increase fat burning.

"Detoxify Your Skin" Speaker Series November 16th

Rahim Habib, ND and Yasmeen Mamdani, founder of Essence Oils, joined us to talk about ways to ensure healthy skin from the inside and outside.

Rahim really broke down the way the body processes toxins and talked to us about how health issues can manifest themselves:
  • Skin problems are often a symptom of trouble elsewhere in the body.
  • Your skin absorbs much of what is put on it into the blood stream (which is exactly how topical medications work!).
  • Many skin care products are full of toxic chemicals which we can absorb and then they build up in the body.
  • Eat healty fats to improve the moisture of your body, including your skin.
  • Eat foods high in antioxidants. (Or try some green and white teas which we have here at Alma!)
  • Use a body brush regularly to promote skin sicuration and remove dead skin cells. (Pick one up today at Alma!).
  • Do regular whole body detox to keep your body free from toxins and keep your skin healthy!

Yasmeen talked to us about the improvements she's seen in her skin (which I can testify is beautiful!) since moving to an all-natural skin care routine and how we can all do it at home if we want - she even demonstrated how to make a lovely dead sea salt scrub/bath soak for yourself! Some key take aways were:
  • Make sure you know the source of your ingredients so you can trust that they are natural and good quality.
  • Look for the least processed ingredients so that they will maintain as much of the healing properties as possible.
  • Buy organic whenever possible to be sure you are not putting toxic pesticides on your skin.
  • Buy oils packaged in glass when possible to avoid possible leaching of plastic chemicals into your products.
  • Make sure to dilute esential oils properly.
  • Change your skin care routine occassionally - especially with changing seasons.

We all left with a sample of Yasmeen's fabulous night replensishing oil to try at home.