Massage Services (non RMT)

Condensed Massage $15 per 10 min - 20 Min $30 and 30min $50.

Shoulder/Neck Massage:
The ultimate tension reliever.

Rejuvenating Head/Scalp Massage:
Increases circulation to the head/scalp, relieves tension, & provides relaxation. 

Facial Massage:
Relaxes and rejuvenates the body and mind while benefiting the face. Skin tone can be improved, facial lines reduced, pores refined, dark circles reduced, skin smoothed - face has a fresh, relaxed, more youthful and well-rested look.

Chair Massage:
Is especially useful for tension & stress relief, focuses on the upper back.

Hand or Foot Massage:
Using reflexology-based techniques, these massages are designed to relieve pain in the hands and feet and relax the whole body.

Aromatic Massage

Experience the therapeutic benefits of aromatic restorative oils & organic botanicals that have been carefully chosen to relieve pain, stress & tension. Brings you to a revitalized state of body, mind & soul.
Back (30 minutes).................$50
Full Body (45 minutes)..........$70
Full Body (60 minutes)..........$90

Full Body Exfoliation:
For Body exfoliation we use Dead Sea Salt and Aromatherapy Essential Oils. Dead sea salt reduces and soothes skin inflammation such as sunburns, eczema & psoriasis patches as well as atopic dry skin.
Dead Sea salt is packed with various minerals, including potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, and traces of sulfur, all of which play a role in our overall health. The sulfur content, according to a study, is excellent for cleaning the surface of the skin because of its antibacterial properties.

Back (30 minutes)................$50
Full Body (60 minutes).........$90

Enjoy the full body spa experience with the body scrub, Dead sea salt has a slight abrasive texture that sloughing off dead cells on the skin's surface. Leaving skin softened, smooth and glowing. Followed by a full body application of warm Body oil to provide nourishment for deep, long lasting hydration

*Choice of scents: Peppermint, Lavender, Sweet Orange, or Unscented

Hot stone back massage

Our signature uses the healing properties of warm basalt stones placed over various muscles groups for deep relaxation.  Focuses on the back. 

30 minutes...........$50
60 minutes...........$90

Reiki or Chakra Balancing

30 minutes...........$50
60 minutes...........$95
Relieve tight muscles and tension in the body and restore a healthy balance in your body by stimulating the reflexes corresponding to each gland, organ, and part of the body.  
Note Regarding Insurance:  Please note that all massage is performed by qualified estheticians with varying degrees of advanced massage training.  We do not employ any RMTs at this time and therefore cannot provide an insurance receipt for these services.