Posted on February 23rd, 2018

Wax has many uses; it is what makes your (non organic) apples shiny and perfect looking, it’s added to chocolate to make it smooth, it’s used to make candles, lipsticks and crayons and of course it’s used in hair removal procedures at spas.

Paraffin wax treatments in particular have great benefits for the skin, muscles and joints. These paraffin treatments are said to have been used since the times of the Roman Empire because of their benefits when used in massages and as an esthetic treatment on the skin. This ancient technique is still practiced in many spas today as well as in some sports medicine clinics. In the past, paraffin treatments have been used to treat a variety of ailments such as:


Posted on October 21st, 2015

Warm, nutritious and comforting food for the soul. That’s what we want our meals to be at this time of year. In our last blog post we wrote about Brickworks and all the amazing local and seasonal produce there is around Toronto and Ontario at this time of year, so we thought we’d feature a delicious vegan fall recipe on our blog this week.

One of our favourite recipes as the weather starts to cool down is Oh She Glows’ Black Bean, Sweet Potato, and Quinoa soup. The sweet potatoes are a great source of beta-carotene and other antioxidants great for the skin. They are also considered an anti-inflammatory food. The quinoa and black beans are both excellent plant-based sources of protein. This recipe is great on its own, or can be garnished with avocado, cilantro, and salsa to give it a Mexican inspired flaire! Best enjoyed wrapped in a blanket on those brisk fall days!

Posted on October 14th, 2015

Well I think we can all agree that we have had an absolutely amazing fall in Toronto so far! It’s always beautiful at this time of year when the weather starts cooling down, people are getting festive for the various fall holidays, and the leaves are changing to their vibrant fall colours! There is a level of comfort and coziness when the weather changes from summer to fall that is unlike any other time of year.  It is a great time of year to grab a warm drink and enjoy the outdoors around the city. At Alma, we believe in health and natural wellness in all forms, and believe getting outside is one of the best things we can do for our mind, body, and soul.

Posted on November 22nd, 2014

I meditate so I can quiet my mind and the world around enough to hear me – to hear what I’m saying, to hear what I really feel or need, to hear what I need to know. For so long I felt stuck in life but when I tried to use logic to get out of it, nothing got any better.  I started meditating 7 years ago in a yoga class and we would meditate for one minute – that’s it one minute – and I couldn’t do it.  Even in that minute my mind would go crazy about everything it was thinking.  But I kept with it and eventually that one minute became five and eventually into my practice now.  When I was quiet enough to hear what I needed, then amazingly enough I started to get unstuck.  I am more present in my life, I’m less anxious, I’m content.
I often hear people say “I don’t know what to do about…” and I ask back - did you try asking yourself?  It is so powerful if you do.  Ask – and then be quiet enough to listen.  Your mind is not you – it is telling you logic and reason and things you were taught or what you’re supposed to think or feel.  But the real you – your soul or essence - is beneath that.
For those who that doesn’t resonate that’s ok.  The benefits of meditation at a physical level are endless – calmer, lower blood pressure, less anxiety, better sleep and the list goes on!  Meditation is not easy – it is a practice that you must cultivate.   Some days will be easier than others and some days it will be harder to quiet your mind.  But giving yourself the time and space is worth it.  There are so many ways to meditate or be mindful – it can be guided or on your own, music or silent, mantras, breathing, candles or just you.  Whatever works for you – at Alma we offer just one of many ways to meditate try it and see if it is for you.

Marda is an amazing inspiration and guide!  I hope you can join to start meditating with us on Mondays.  If you already have a practice, this is a good opportunity to change the venue and enhance it with the energy of other like-minded people.  If you’re new, this is a great way to give yourself the discipline to start.  Marda will be joining Alma to offer some of her healing therapies in the near future so get to know her today with the meditation group.  Click here to sign up.


Posted on June 5th, 2014

Long gone is the erroneous perception that meditation is a mindful waste of time, frequently undertaken by Hippies and religious fanatics.
If that perception is not gone, then it really ought to have disappeared, because Science has determined bona fide benefits of meditation and meditational breathing techniques.  Meditation can be practically done by anyone and in very secular circumstances.