The Benefits of Rooibos
Posted on April 6th, 2014

At Alma Natural Spa we exclusively carry loose leaf teas from Steeped and Infused.  Our tea of the month for April is the delicious Rooibos Chocolate Mint so we thought we would ask the founder of Steeped and Infused, Jennifer Best, to share some of her knowledge on the benefits of Rooibos.
I can't recommend enough for everyone to make rooibos tea a part of their diet.  It offers so many health and nutritional benefits, it really should be a staple.  It also is excellent for the entire family; kids too, even the little ones on the way!

Rooibos technically is not a tea as it does not come from the tea plant, camelia sinensis.  It is native to South Africa and grows as a bush, often referred to as red bush.  Rooibos is naturally caffeine free and packed full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants - which help reduce free radical damage.

Rooibos is an excellent anti-inflammatory because of the high content of essential minerals.  When consuming rooibos regularly people often notice a reduction in mood swings, irritability, allergy symptoms, digestive issues and an excellent complexion, including the reduction of fine lines.

Rooibos is also great for kids, mom's to be and nursing women.  It offers a natural sweetness and makes excellent iced tea.  It can easily be combined with some organic lemonade and your favourite fruit to make a refreshing beverage the entire family will enjoy!

This month at Alma, Rooibos Chocolate Mint is the tea of the month.  We've combines lush Rooibos with peppermint and chocolate.  It will curb a sweet craving without the calories.  For a treat, enjoy it as a tea latte by steeping it in steamed milk of your choice.  Add some organic sugar if you choose and enjoy!


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