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"Thank you for the wonderful mani pedi treat. Love my fingers and toes. Look forward to seeing you again soon." - Jessica

"Thank you for the amazing and relaxing mani/pedi last week and for your helpful email. I will certainly be returning in the future, I am very impressed with Alma." - Lauren

"Alma is definitely a place for relaxation and to feel good about yourself. Beautiful, friendly and hardworking team. The atmosphere is so relaxing. Enjoying your service, enjoying the tea and still can work with the free wifi service provided, so if you're an workaholic like myself you can still enjoy being pampered and work at the same time. Excellent choice!" - Sue

"The customer service from Alma was hands down the best I have had from a salon and will definitely have me coming back. I truly feel like a valued customer. I will be booking a mani pedi in the coming weeks." :) - Elaina

"I truly enjoyed my pedicure yesterday. It was a fun and obviously much needed treat for me! You guys were great and so friendly and I really appreciated the neck massage. Your customer service is just wonderful! I will certainly be back!" - Sheryl

"After Alma, I worked out, had a physio treatment on my foot, went to the vet, cooked dinner, and my feet are STILL tingling! Love my Peppermint Refresh Pedi!" - Katy

"Great Service!" - Mary-Lynn

"Angelica was great. Normally once I am finished my service, I am left roaming other spas until I leave on my own. She checked in on me at the dryer, and wrapped my feet when I had to leave quickly. She also gave me a warm neck compress to use. I went out and bought one last weekend - so nice! I thought the tea was amazing. I typically wouldn't drink anything at the spa but the one I had was remarkable. I now look forward to the tea on my next visit!" - Karen

"I really like the look of my feet! It makes me want to do this more regularly!" - Raheena

"Alma is so cute!" - April

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